MagPlay Ludo

Magplay 5x5 Noughts & Crosses

MagPlay Draughts

MagPlay Numbers

MagPlay Uppercase Letters

MagPlay Snakes & Ladders

Paint Station XD Panel

Giant Paint Station

Chalk Station XD Panel

MagPlay Chess

MagPlay Lowercase Letters

Hand Chimes Musical Panels

PlayTronic Synthesiser Musical Play Panel

PlayTronic Lead Guitar

Play Tronic Bass Guitar Musical Play Panel

PlayTronic Piano Musical Play Panel

PlayTronic Drums Musical Play Panels

Tongue Drum Musical Play Panel

Ally Tube Glockenspiel Musical Play Panel

Hardwood Xylophone Musical Play Panel

Composite Glockenspiel Musical Play Panel

Ally Flat Bar Glockenspiel Musical Play Panel

Shaker Musical Play Panel

Bongos Musical Play Panel

Ball Maze

Number Fun

Tumble Ball Cog

Make It Rain

Airlock Cog

Animal Spelling

Disco Ball

Pair Shaped


Daisy Heads

Abacus #2

Twist Bearing

Children At Work Cog

Who Pairs Wins

Chunky Noughts & Crosses

Flip-Over Noughts & Crosses

Turbo Racer

PlayTronic Sunnyside Farm

PlayTronic Surroundings Panel

PlayTronic Car Driving

PlayTronic Actions Panel

PlayTronic Simon Says

PlayTronic Make A Noise

PlayTronic Colours Panels

Space Ship With Mirrored Dome

Zap Mirror

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Starlight Mirror

Splat Mirror

Showtime Mirror

Driving Panel With Mirrors

Spaceman With Mirrored Dome

Space Rocket With Mirrored Dome

Underwater Diver With Mirrored Dome

Underwater Sub With Mirrored Dome

Wobbly Mirror


Lost In Space Maze

Beach Maze

Kids Compass

Crazy Maze

Ice Cream Shop

Monster Head Thru

Punch And Judy Theatre

Whats The Weather Like

Number Maze

Farmyard Search

Can You Find The Time

What Time Is It

Tell Me The Time

Animal Search

Show Me How To

Todays Date Is

Todays Weather Is

Count The Shapes

Alphabet Upper Case

Alphabet Upper And Lower Case

Alphabet Lower Case

Number Crunch


Shapes Panel

How Tall Are You Tree

How Tall Are You Dragon

How Tall Are You Lighthouse

How Tall Are You Beanstalk

Dino Height Chart

How Tall Am I

Bird Duck And Fish

Dog Cat And Rabbit

1 2 And 3 Times Table

4 5 And 6 Times Table

7 8 And 9 Times Table

10 11 And 12 Times Table

100 Square Panel

Numbers Search

Treasure Map

British Isles Map

World Map

Bo Peep Maze

Pirate Head Thru

Drive Through Panel

Whats On TV

Humpty Head Thru

Wiggly Window Cut Out

Alien Mirror

Illusion Circles

Illusion Diamonds

Illusion Steps

Illusion Duck

Illusion Faces Or Vases

Illusion Fork

Illusion Invisible Circles

Illusion Line Length

Illusion Moving Blocks

Illusion Parallel Lines

Illusion Planks

Illusion Sea Horse

Mirror Mirror Boy Panel

Mirror Mirror Girl Panel

Plain Climber

Slime Climber

Mars Rock Climber

Melt Down Climber

Moon Rock Climber

Shapes Traverse

Which Way Traverse

Shapes Traverse Extreme

Which Way Traverse Extreme

Plain Spilt Traverse Wall

Zig-Zag Spilt Traverse Wall

Rocky Spilt Traverse Wall

Arrow Spilt Traverse Wall

Basketball Blackboard

Round Top Basketball Blackboard

Practice Basketball Backboard

Practice Round Top Basketball Backboard

Small Star Wall Target

Large Star Wall Target

Wall Target Rings (Set Of 5)

Wall Target Rings

Arts Centre

Musical Bells Play Panels

Weaving Fun Play Panel

Fairground Sideshow Reactions Game

Solar Synthesis Panel

Sports Wall 5 Panel Set

Sports Wall Basketball Panel

Sports Wall Football Panel

Sports Wall Cricket Panel

Sports Wall Rounders Panel

Sports Wall Netball Panel

Solar Panel Stopwatch

Scoreboard Sports Panel

Giant Chalk Station

Football Goal

Cricket Post Panel

Scientific Gears Play Panel

Scientific Colours Play Panel

Scientific Pulleys Play Panel

Scientific Weather Play Panel

MagPlay Wall Panel - 4 in a Row

MagPlay Wall Panel - Snakes and ladders

MagPlay Wall Panel - 5 x 5 Noughts and Crosses

MagPlay Wall Panel - Chess

MagPlay Wall Panel - ludo

MagPlay Wall Panel - Draughts

MagPlay Wall Panel - Lowercase Letters

MagPlay Wall Panel - Uppercase Letters

MagPlay Wall Panel - Numbers

Alphabet Snake Wall Play Panel 1

Alphabet Snake Wall Play Panel 2

Alphabet Snake Wall Play Panel 3

Tangle Play Panel

Solar Explorer

Formula Racing Play Panel

Pachinko Play Panel

Clockwork Play Panel

Puppy Maze Play Panel

Petrol Pump Play Panel

Zebra Crossing Street Sign

Uneven Road Street Sign

Turn Left/Right Street Sign

Traffic Light Street Sign

Speed Camera Street Sign

Mini Roundabout Street Sign

Parking Street Sign

Road Narrows Street Sign

Road Works Street Sign

Level Crossing No Barrier Street Sign

Give Way Street Sign

Cycle Route Street Sign

Cycle Route Ahead Street Sign

Crossroads Street Sign

Rope Jail Play Panel

Wild West Rope Sign

Wanted Poster Play Panel

Lap Counter Play Panel

Start Banner Play Panel

Cloud Timer Play Panel

Activity Clouds

Activity Clouds

Activity Clouds

Activity Clouds

Activity Clouds

Activity Clouds

Activity Clouds

Activity Clouds

Rock, Paper, Scissors